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Company M A V A N, Ltd. is a modern and dynamically developing young Slovak company, focused on engineering field. The largest part of our business is focused on welding. Since 2008 when the company was founded has passed important development process. In the initial paid attention to business only connected with the sale of welding machines and welding consumables. The company currently consists of three main pillars.

The first and largest is already mentioned business that focuses on selling welding machines and consumables from companies LINCOLN ELECTRIC, ASKAYNAK, ITW and more.

The second pillar is the technical-expert consultancy in welding. In doing this activity we work closely with customers and solve their technical requirements and problems. We propose to them the procedures and technologies in order to optimize production. All of these activities are covered by our certified experts in the field of welding.

The third pillar was created as the last and combines experiences of first two pillars. It is the production and implementation of technological units for which we use the latest materials and advanced technology to which we have access in cooperation with the professional experiences of welding engineers.